Feeling Proud

Newspaper Ethnos, one of the brightest newspapers in Greece chose us to inform readers about the procedures of mariculture.
The newspaper’s delegate reporters spent a day with us  experiencing and exploring the magic of the sea world.
You can read the relevant article here (in greek) .


Our History

Our company operates in the areas of raising and selling Mediterranean species since 1991.

Our consultants have long experience in the aquaculture industry, trade and processing of fresh fish. Οur harmonious cooperation with renowned partners in the field results in maximizing the quality of our products.

The uniqueness of our products is a result of the exemplary and methodical quality control performed daily on hygiene, freshness and safety.

We guarantee maximum quality in line with the most competitive prices hearkening the trust of our customers.

Our Products

Our production consists of:
European Seabass- Sparus aurata (sizes 200/300, 300/400, 400/600, 600/800, 800/1000, 1000/1500)
Gilthead Seabream- Dicentrarchus labrax (sizes 200/300, 300/400, 400/600, 600/800, 800/1000, 1000/1500)
Meagre- Argyrosomus regius (sizes 400/600, 600/800, 800/1000, 1000/1500, 1500/2000, 2000/2500)
Bluespotted Seabream- Diplodus puntazzo (sizes 300/400, 400/600, 600/800)
Sharpshout Seabream- Pagrus pagrus (sizes 300/400, 400/600, 600/800, 800/1000)